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KODAK Info Input Solution

Intelligent document processing software that automates and simplifies the journey from document arrival to usage in business processes—quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Take a Closer Look At Our
Unique Open Intelligence™ Architecture

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Integrate industry-leading AI into your document processes

  • Intuitive, customizable user interface requires minimal training for rapid time-to-value

  • Automatically classify, extract, index, and validate data with extremely high precision


  • Easily configurable for specific business needs—no coding background required


  • Maintain focus with embedded IDP directly within applications like Salesforce

  • Access the web-based software from anywhere, using any browser or device


  • Enforce the same business rules for digital and physical documents

  • Data entry screens mirror your documents for simplified real-time validation

  • Limitless integrations into line-of-business applications and cloud AI engines

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