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Auto Introduction

Does Maintaining Your Dealership Documents

  Just Drive You Insane ?

Now Audits Are Easy

The Proof Is At Your  Fingertips

Let us show you how to manage the vast amounts of paper generated at your dealership. Never again will you need to worry about proving the accuracy of your records and compliance.  Call us at 847-622-9452 to setup a demo.

Hear What People are Saying .......


"Our Deal Jackets and all my compliance items are archived quickly and readily available for my Sales, Service, Customer Relations, and Back-Office teams. Outsourcing the scanning of our documents was much more cost effective than adding modules to our existing DMS systems. It was a no-brainer, and required no effort from our staff to get started."


"Having quick access to files saves my staff a lot of time searching through our storage room shelves for boxes to locate documents we need. Since we have digitized our files on a monthly basis we have never lost a document because we generate exception reports that can tell us we still need to scan certain information to be 100% matched to our DMS system."


"With the volume of cars we work on daily it used to be a hassle to box up and catalog where our RO's were stored. Referencing them later was even more difficult. Now we simply scan every RO that we create, then the software indexes them automatically so my service advisor can easily locate any document he needs for followup service calls and manufacturer warranty audits."

Auto Services

Deal Jackets

Ensure Manufacturer And Legal Compliance

Digitally access documents by the vehicle VIN #, Customer, Sales Date, Stock #, or any desired  value within your DMS system.

Girl & Guy With Repair Order_Fotolia_308

Repair Orders

Record All Services And Repair Activity

Maintain an accurate record of your service department RO's for warranty work, compliance, and manufacturer audits.


Accounts Payables

Automatically Capture And Manage Invoices

Digitally access documents by the vehicle VIN #, Customer, Sales Date, Stock #, or any desired value within your DMS system to maintain an accurate record of your services.

Audi RO Shelves In Morton Grove.JPG

If This Looks Familiar
This Is Bad

Traditionally service order archives were kept as paper records.  Those repair orders were often stored in VIN jackets on shelves by the service writer or office clerk.  Not only is this inefficient but occasionally resulted in lost records due to filing errors.  Using digital archives eliminates this headache and reduces your overall costs while also improving efficiency and customer response time.

If This Looks Familiar
This Is Worse

Too often a shelf for whatever its original purpose may have been eventually becomes a catch all for boxes stuffed with paper based records.  The sad reality is that once its in a box and shoved onto a shelf it is 95% lost.  The true cost of retrieving a document is always far greater that people think, and it can be totally avoidable by implementing a digital records management solution.

McGrath Pics (4).JPG

If This Looks Familiar
It's Too Late

In the event of a small business disaster, like a fire, tornado, or flood, it's important to have a disaster recovery plan. Once it happens it's simply too late. Although fires are rare, water damage and mold from moisture occurs all the time and usually totally ruins your paper archives.  Plan ahead now and implement a digital transformation program to convert your paper archives and reduce risk.

Auto Progression
Fotolia_57172075_XS Man Under Hood For W

Warranty Service Repairs

Proof For Maunfacturer Reimbursed

By maintaining an accurate record of your technicians services that are covered under the manufacturers warranty you can ensure your dealership receives the full reimbursement for services they performed.


Service Loaner Agreements

Protect Both Parties

Protect your dealership and customers from liability by creating and maintaining a fully executed contract that provides insurance coverage for your service loaner and short term loaner fleet of vehicles.

Office Work

Service And Parts Tickets

Capture Parts Tickets By Line Item

Keeping an accurate account of inventory and parts is critical to ensure your customers are serviced on their very first service appointment.  Recording parts tickets and inventory items is critical for inventory management, and satisfying your customers.

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